Clinical Research Services

IMR provides contract research organization (CRO) services to support your research initiative. The institute offers a full service spectrum for clinical trial conduction. Our services are following ICH, GCP, and regulatory guidelines, guaranteeing our reliability as a partner and service provider. IMR’s team key competencies include:

  • Study design;
  • Analysis and reporting of pre-clinical data;
  • Protocol development;
  • Case report form (CRF) design;
  • Development of investigator brochures and integrated summaries;
  • Site identification, pre-study feasibility;
  • Overall project management, identification of potential problems;
  • Site monitoring and management, liaisons to the sites; site regulatory documents collection;
  • Regulatory submission;
  • Safety data review and reconciliation of adverse events and serious adverse events;
  • Data management and statistical analysis of study data;
  • Organization of trainings;
  • Report writing etc.

Projects in scope

  • Study of dutogliptin and filgrastim in the early recovery post myocardial infarction
  • Goal-directed afterload reduction in acute congestive cardiac decompensation
  • Use of a Placental Growth Factor (PlGF) diagnostic assay for the diagnosis of pre-eclampsia during pregnancy
  • Use of cannabidiol-infused tampons for the relief of dysmenorrhea and their impact on vaginal flora
  • Use of Isoflavandiol for the relief of menopausal vaginal atrophy
  • Impact of Tegаran on reducing аnd modulаtion of CTC and modulation of exosomes and tumor markers in breast cancer
  • Research on the probiotic effects of Lactobacillus gasseri strain
  • Use of pluripotent stem cell derived mesenchymal stem cells (iPSC-MSCs) to overcome osteoarthritis
  • Collection of saliva samples from volunteers for the purposes of testing the performance of new in vitro diagnostic technology
  • Exploring pharmacogenetic variation in a Bulgarian psychiatric cohort