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IMR’s team of dedicated people is working to provide the highest quality services to the health care, health technology, and clinical research industries. We highly appreciate the opportunity to serve as a bridge between patients and the newest trends in medicine and each of us sees this as a personal cause. Our people do their best to be informed and familiar with up-to-date information, international guidelines, and good practices. All this taken together makes us the ideal partner for different kinds of scientific, healthcare, health economics, and clinical projects.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

Helen Keller

Part of the team are medical doctors, pharmacists, biologists, geneticists, monitors, analysts, and many others. Depending on the project we also work with external collaborators with the same vision and passion as us.

Aneta Piperkova

CEO, Leader Real-World Value and Outcomes

Dimitar Georgiev, MD, PhD

Scientific Director & Head of Clinical Research

Gergana Kyosovska-Peshtenska

Head of Personalised Medicine Department
Photo of Antonia Diukendjieva

Antonia Diukendjieva

Leader Clinical Research & Project Management
Photo of Brigita Drumeva

Brigita Drumeva

Clinical research coordinator & Data Manager Assistant

Branimir Velinov

Scientific information and research projects specialist

Ivaylo Niklenov

Financial Analyst & HTA BIA expert

Vili Topalova, MD

Clinical Expertise HTA, Pharmacovigilance & Regulatory Affairs

Nora Kirova, MD

Clinical data analyst, Specialist Pharmacovigilance