Code of conduct

The code of conduct is a set of minimum requirements outlining the social norms and rules, and responsibilities of all members of IMR’s team including our collaborators. It is based mainly on standard operating procedures (SOPs) in accordance with the international guidelines. It is a must for us to comply with all laws, rules, and regulations, while working with the various pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies, regulatory agencies, and with the various legal jurisdictions.

Conflict of Interest

Personal interests that conflict with the team’s duties or our agreements must be avoided.

Financial Information

All financial information, statements, and reporting must be recorded accurately and honestly following our recognized principles.

Relationship with Suppliers

We select suppliers based on quality, cost, delivery, service, diversity, reputation, and long-term benefit for our clients.

Confidential Information

Any confidential information and related matters are not to be shared with others outside of IMR’s team.


Any information of a personal nature must be protected and not be shared with those unauthorized to know such information. Personal information is anything that can identify a particular individual and would not be publicly available.