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Institute for Medical Research, IMR

The first private institute for medical research in Bulgaria.

Facing increasing pressure to contain the growth of health care expenditures, payers must make hard choices between multiple existing and new interventions. To secure reimbursement or support price negotiations, it is essential to demonstrate that your product represents efficient use of available funding.

Our health economics experts can help you with a Dossier preparation for Health Technology Assessment (HTA) for submissions to the Bulgarian Health Technology Assessment Committee:

  • Analysis of health problem
  • Comparative analysis of the therapeutic efficacy and safety
  • Analysis of the pharmacoeconomic indicators
  • Analysis of the budget impact.
  • Critical literature review of cost-effectiveness and budget-impact analyses.
What do you get?
  • preparation of HTA dossier in both languages, Bulgarian and English
  • external quality control by QC ISPOR expert.
  • delivering on-target, on-time services.
What are our strengths?
  • A multidisciplinary team based in Bulgaria
  • A valid scientific foundation and extensive  knowledge and practice in clinical trials
  • An expert team dedicated to developing and adapting innovative economic models across therapy areas leading innovations from a strategic and technical perspective
  • Experience in generating and communicating real-world evidence to stakeholder engagement at all levels
  • Long-term relationships with our clients based on flexibility, trust and quality, leading to efficiency and effectiveness
  • Close proximity with payers and HTA agencies, allowing us to have a solid understanding of current and future market access challenges

We have a strong reputation for being flexible, creative, and skilled in our approach. Our healthcare orientation combined with our business focus ensures that we supply the right mixture of ideas, expertise, and solutions to every client.

You can trust our professional experts for guidance and support, contact us at

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